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Congenital illnesses, developmental issues, metabolic disorders, and traumatic accidents can all cause bone deformities in your arms or legs.

The following conditions are treated at the:

  • Dysplasia of the skeleton. These congenital abnormalities disrupt bone formation, which commonly results in short height and twisted limbs. Dwarfism is caused by some kinds of skeletal dysplasia.
  • Imperfect osteogenesis. This hereditary condition causes brittle bones that are more prone to fractures. The illness can be moderate or severe, and it can start in childhood.
  • Inconsistency in limb length. Many factors can contribute to one leg or arm being longer than the other. A growth plate fracture, for example, can cause the damaged bone to become more crooked or shorter than normal.
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Bone lengthening and straightening

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Many times, surgeons can extend or straighten the bone to improve function and allow for proper body alignment.

This is performed by a mechanism known as distraction osteogenesis. This procedure takes advantage of the way a damaged bone heals. The bone is carefully cut at the desired lengthening or straightening site, and as healing occurs, the ends of the cut bone are gradually pushed apart until the desired position or length is reached. The gap is filled with new bone, resulting in a firm and sturdy bone.

Devices that are external or inside

The metal gear used to gently separate the bone pieces can be exterior or inside. Both sorts of gadgets are employed in some instances.

The external device, known as an external fixator, is a series of metal rings that wrap the limb's outside. Metal struts link the rings together. Metal pins secure the rings to the bone. Each day, the patient manually adjusts the struts to lengthen by roughly a millimeter.

An intramedullary rod is an expandable, magnetically controlled rod that is put through the hollow length of the bone fragments to extend them. Above the skin, no hardware is visible.

Every day, the patient uses an electronic controller to instruct the rod to extend roughly a millimeter.

During the surgical operation, some abnormalities might be repaired all at once and stabilized using plates or rods. This treatment may be available depending on the severity of the deformity and its location.

Limb lengthening surgery is a surgical treatment that can stretch an arm or leg bone. Surgeons can perform limb lengthening surgery on the following bones:

  • Humerus (upper arm bone).
  • Radius and ulna (the forearm bones).
  • The femur (the thigh bone).
  • Tibia (the shin bone).

What are the benefits of having limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery can extend bones in persons who have bone discrepancies, irregular bone growth, or small bones owing to skeletal dysplasia. The operation has a high success rate and produces excellent results.

  • Gait (walking stride) can be improved by having limbs that are the right length.
  • Flexibility.
  • Motion range.
  • Strength.
  • Complications of leg length inequalities, such as back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain.

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