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MIS Keyhole Surgery in Gurgaon

The spine supports the body to stand, sit, bend, move, and spin. From the skull base to the lower end of the back, the spine shields the spinal cord from harm.

It has a "S"-shaped form. 33 bones are joined to one another on it.

These bones are numbered and split into four groups: the cervical vertebrae, which are located close to the neck, the thoracic vertebrae (upper Back), the lumbar vertebrae (lower back), the sacrum( which connects the lower back to the hip), and the tailbone coccyx of the spine. Due to the fusion of the sacrum and tailbone, only 24 bones have movement.

Keyhole Surgery in Gurgaon

Traditionally, "open surgery" is performed on the spine. In order for the surgeon to observe and access the anatomy, the area being operated on is opened via a lengthy incision. But in recent years, technological developments have made it possible to treat more neck and back disorders using minimally invasive surgical methods or KeyHole Spine Surgery.

Best Hospital for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Gurgaon

Benefits of MIS / Keyhole Spine Surgery

Compared to open surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery /has a number of benefits, such as:

  • less sedation.
  • Surgical blood loss is reduced.
  • Less harm to soft tissue and muscles.
  • Decreased chance of infection.
  • Less pain following surgery.
  • Less use of painkillers.
  • Better cosmetic outcome (a few small scars as opposed to one big scar).
  • Fewer days in the hospital as opposed to a week.
  • Quicker recuperation (a few months as opposed to up to a year).
  • Faster return to regular activities, such as employment.